Open call: Ambitious people looking for a shot, and talent at the top of their game

(bonus: you're also a climber)

Hi there,

My name’s Hannah and I’m the head of operations at Altitude.

Altitude is an online climbing platform co-founded by Magnus Midtbø and Till Gross (who prior to Altitude started and sold two companies). 

We produce courses with the most iconic climbers and world-class climbing coaches, such as: 

Adam Ondra, Daniel Woods, Alex Megos, Hazel Findlay, Dave MacLeod, to name a few. 

Interested in what we’re doing and would love to be part of it?

We have a couple of specific openings linked at the bottom of this page.

But if none of those feel like the role for you, read on…

Once or twice we’ve “accidentally” hired key team members when we weren’t even looking, bringing them on board without having a set role for them, but just seeing their potential and deciding to nurture it. Some of those people went on to lead entire departments or started new companies with our help.

So we’re putting out an Open Call:

If you’re ambitious and looking for a chance to prove yourself or you’re at the top of your game and are excited about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Maybe you’re a climber working in a different field and would love to work on something that’s related to your passion.
  • Maybe other responsibilities paused your career ambitions (e.g. raising kids, caring for a family member,...) and you’re looking for a foot in the door to show what you’re capable of in a flexible role.
  • Maybe you’re looking for a challenge, and while your current job is satisfying, you want to be surrounded by A-players and be in an environment that pushes you to grow.
  • Maybe you’re a founder who successfully ran your own company and you’re now looking for a new opportunity and the chance to be part of a bigger team.
  • Maybe you reached the top of your field but are tired of working a traditional office job and feel like you’d thrive with more freedom and trust without pointless meetings or office politics.

If the sentiment of the above resonates, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re a fully remote team and have always prided ourselves on having a knack for nurturing potential and spotting talent. Over the years we were both able to win over experienced people at the peak of their career to join us, as well as help foster ambitious “diamonds in the rough” to grow into important and meaningful roles.

We have team members from across the world from all different industry/educational backgrounds. So don’t be put off from writing in.

We’re ambitious. You will be challenged, and we’ll push you to do your best.

At the same time you’ll also experience a kind of team environment and energy you might not have encountered elsewhere. We do things differently, and it shows.

If you’re intrigued…

No need to send a CV, just write to us ([email protected]) telling us a bit about yourself, your experience, what you excel in and what you’re excited about doing.

We can’t promise to get back to everyone, but we will read every email.

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Experienced climbing coach who wants to help our iconic climbers shine. They are masters of their craft but need your help to share their wisdom with everyday climbers in practical ways that help them climb harder.



Wanted: Confident video director

Love climbing?

Know how to hire and handle a crew on set and get the best videos out of talent?

We’re looking for someone who can commit to directing one climbing course shoot a month.


Wanted: Creative video editor

Versatile and hungry video editor needed to take our footage and create stunning course videos and trailers.


Wanted: Copywriter

Do you love writing captivating copy as much as sending that new dyno in the gym? Want to write story-based, non-salesy copy for iconic climbers?